Assorted Cannoli Tower

  • Elevate your event with our Assorted Cannoli Tower, a stunning showcase of flavors. Each tier boasts a different taste sensation, including Ferrero, Caramilk, traditional, Nutella, Ricotta & Pistachio, and Chocolate Pistachio.

Flavors Included:

  • Ferrero: Rich hazelnut and chocolate fusion
  • Caramilk: Creamy caramel and milk chocolate delight
  • Traditional: Timeless classic cannoli goodness
  • Nutella: Decadent hazelnut chocolate indulgence
  • Ricotta & Pistachio: Elegant ricotta paired with pistachio crunch
  • Chocolate Pistachio: Velvety chocolate infused with pistachio twist

Experience a flavor journey like no other with our Assorted Cannoli Tower. A captivating centerpiece that promises taste and elegance in every bite.

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