Hustle & Bustle Coffee Beans (1kg)

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Hustle & Bustle – The blend for the busiest of smooth operators A blend developed with the growing demands of our customers at heart. This blend was a culmination of feedback from 60 years of experience within the food & beverage industry.

We collected feedback from our customers country wide . The over-arching demand was for a blend that tasted sweet predominantly a blend that is smooth on the mouthfeel as both an espresso and milk beverage. Caramel sweetness dominates this velvety blend. Mild crisp citrus fruit acidity, rounded out with a velvety smooth body that finishes with a lingering milk chocolate aftertaste.

Awards won: Golden Bean 2019 – Silver Medal (Milk Category) Golden Bean 2019 – Bronze Medal (Espresso – Superautomatics) Golden Bean 2019 – Bronze Medal (Espresso – Blends)

Tasting Notes Caramel sweetness, grapefruit & candied apple flavors, mild citrus fruit acidity, smooth and velvety body, finishes with a lingering chocolate aftertaste.

Roast Type Medium

Origin Brazil – Colombia – Honduras – PNG

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