Ricotta & Pistachio Cannoli


Experience the harmonious blend of flavors and textures with our Ricotta & Pistachio Cannoli. Our signature crunchy cannoli shell is filled with sweet, creamy ricotta filling, adorned with crushed pistachios, and gently dusted with icing sugar.

Key Features:

  • Creamy Harmony: Revel in the delight of our sweet and creamy ricotta filling, elevated by the presence of crushed pistachios.
  • Artful Presentation: Each cannoli is adorned with crushed pistachios and a gentle dusting of icing sugar, enhancing its visual allure.
  • Texture and Taste: Savor the delightful interplay of creaminess and crunch that characterizes each bite.

Preservation and Ordering Details: For the best taste and texture, we recommend indulging in our Ricotta & Pistachio Cannoli on the day of purchase. Store any remaining cannoli boxes in the refrigerator upon pick up or delivery, and consume them within 1 – 2 days.

Ordering Information:

  • Order Deadline: Secure your next-day pick up or delivery by placing your order before 12pm.
  • Timely Perfection: Orders placed after 12pm will be expertly prepared for pick up or delivery on the following day.
  • Minimum for Delivery: To enjoy the convenience of delivery, please note a minimum order of 2 dozen cannoli.

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