Sweet 16 Cannoli Box - A Sweet Milestone


Sentimental and delicious!

A personalized box created with Arianna’s favorite treats, made with love and attention to detail. A beautiful and memorable gift!

Please note: 

All personalized boxes require 2 days' notice in order for them to be created. Pre-orders for a personalised box must be made before 12.00 pm in order for the 2-day time frame to be viable.
When purchasing a personalized cannoli box, you will need to include the following information and provide these details to us in the ‘notes’ section at checkout.
  • The name you would like personalized on the front of the box
  • A message you would like personalized on the inside of the box


* Products may contain traces of nuts *

We recommend to eat our cannoli on the day of purchase to ensure you experience the taste of our crispy and crunchy cannoli shell.

All cannoli boxes must be refrigerated upon pick up or delivery and we recommend they are consumed within 1 – 2 days.


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