Traditional Vanilla & Chocolate Cannoli


Indulge in the timeless pairing of flavors with our Traditional Vanilla & Chocolate Cannoli. Each cannoli is a blend of classic vanilla and rich chocolate custard, encased in our signature crunchy shell and dusted with icing sugar.

Key Features:

  • Classic Combination: Experience the harmonious marriage of traditional vanilla and luscious chocolate custard in every bite.
  • Signature Crunch: Our cannoli shells are renowned for their crispiness, enhancing the overall texture of the treat.
  • Indulgent Aesthetic: Each cannoli is dusted with icing sugar, offering a visual appeal that complements its deliciousness.

Optimal Enjoyment: To fully appreciate the texture and taste of our cannoli, we recommend enjoying them on the day of purchase. Refrigerate any remaining cannoli boxes upon pick up or delivery and consume within 1 – 2 days.

Ordering Information:

  • Order Deadline: Secure your next-day pick up or delivery by placing your order before 12pm.
  • Next-Day Perfection: Orders made after 12pm will be prepared for pick up or delivery on the following day.
  • Minimum for Delivery: To enjoy the convenience of delivery, please note a minimum order of 2 dozen cannoli.

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